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When you want people to get the message

SMS is quickly becoming the channel of choice when you want people to hear what you have to say. Unlike email, SMS is very personal and always gets eyeballs. It is short so does not have a time commitment barrier to read. SMS is fast, reliable and very interactive.

Send Bulk SMS
Reach thousands of customers and interact with them instantly

Cheap Bulk SMS is a web based bulk sms service that can deliver bulk SMS messages to South Africa and the world. Our bulk SMS gateway is finely tuned to deliver the fastest and most reliable SMS messaging compared with other SMS services. Send bulk text via our web interface or via our SMS API. Give us a call and we can get you started with the best advice and great SMS marketing ideas for you and your clients. We are South Africa’s best Bulk SMS gateway.

SMS Marketing
Run SMS long code campaigns, build your database and get instant real time information to sales leads

Cheap Bulk SMS is tailor made for delivering professional SMS marketing and SMS advertising campaigns. With the perfect combination of features you can configure your mobile marketing campaigns with confidence. Set up dedicated long codes and keywords to receive and handle responses in multiple ways! SMS marketing has never been easier.. Harness the power of SMS today.

Reseller SMS
Rebrand us, resell us and profit from us. Add your margin to our wholesale SMS rates and make extra revenue for your business

With the Cheap Bulk SMS reseller software, we make it easy for you to create new revenue streams for your business. You can fully re-brand our white label SMS software as your own, and take a strong new initiative to clients. Setting yourself up as an SMS reseller takes as little as a few minutes. Check out reseller SMS from Cheap Bulk SMS!